Zhu Jinsong, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Federation of Trade Unions, visited Yangli Group for research and discussion


 On the afternoon of June 17th , Zhu Jinsong, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group, Vice Chairman, and Director of the Provincial Industry Reform Office of the Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, led the Jiangsu Provincial Industry Reform Research Group to visit Yangli Group for a survey and discussion. Kong Lingjun, deputy secretary of the Yangzhou Municipal Party Committee, and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Li Chunguo, Vice Chairman and Director of the Municipal Industry Reform Office, Hong Huijuan, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Qian Feng, Secretary of the Hanjiang District Committee, Yan Wei, Deputy Secretary of the District Committee, and Gu Bin, Chairman of the District Federation of Trade Unions, accompanied the investigation. Lin Guofu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Yangli Group, and Lin Yajie, President, attended the forum.

Under the explanation by Zhang Jun, Vice President of Yangli Group, Secretary Zhu listened to the report on the production reform work of Yangli Group. Give high praise and full affirmation. At the symposium, Comrade Gu Bin, chairman of the Hanjiang District Federation of Trade Unions, reported on the main practices of the Hanjiang District’s “co-construction of regiments and chambers” around the idea of ​​“adhering to one guidance and promoting the integration of the six”, and introduced Yangli’s “cold spraying and linear friction welding”. “Key technology research”, ” 40000kN aluminum alloy hot die forging press” and other innovative achievements. After listening to the report, Secretary Zhu said that it is necessary to adhere to the “co-construction of the league and office”, carry out production reform and innovation, improve the treatment of industrial workers, and create a team of high-skilled industrial workers who have ideals and beliefs, understand technology, innovation, and dare to take responsibility , High-quality development in the new era of Jiangong!

 As a pilot enterprise for the integration of production and education in Jiangsu Province, Yangli Group has established a model worker innovation studio with President Lin Yajie as the leader, focusing on key projects, borrowing wisdom from experts and professors to solve core problems; promoting science and technology through the “co-building of league and office” platform The mayor’s group and the model worker innovation studio are highly integrated to promote school-enterprise cooperation and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Many products have reached the international advanced and domestic leading levels, contributing to the industry reform of Jiangsu Province.