Zhou Ji, director of the Strategic Advisory Committee for the Construction of a National Manufacturing Power, came to investigate!


On October 19th, Zhou Ji, director of the National Manufacturing Power Construction Strategy Advisory Committee, former president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, led the research and investigation team of Jiangsu Province to build an independent and controllable modern industrial technology system to Yangli Group for investigation. Yangzhou is actively constructing an independent and controllable advanced manufacturing system and evaluating the implementation of the strategy of building a strong manufacturing province. Yangli Group President Lin Yajie, Vice President Sun Chaojun and Vice President Zhang Jun accompanied the investigation.

Accompanied by President Lin Yajie, the research team visited the intelligent exhibition hall of Yangli Building and the assembly workshop of Yangli Jiancheng. During the visit, Academician Zhou asked questions on technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing, talent team, technological progress, etc. President Lin Yajie gave a detailed report one by one, which was fully affirmed by Academician Zhou. Academician Zhou highly praised Yangli for persisting in the industry and insisting on independent innovation for many years, and encouraged us to make persistent efforts and stand at the forefront of the new wave of intelligent manufacturing development.

In the exhibition hall, an old photo taken in 2010 attracted the attention of Academician Zhou Ji. It turns out that Academician Zhou Ji had visited Yangli as early as 2010. He affirmed the rapid development of Yangli in the past ten years and the innovative results achieved, and praised Yangli’s positive response to the strategy of manufacturing a strong province and the contribution of promoting the development of intelligent manufacturing.

At present, the manufacturing industry has both opportunities and challenges. Yangli will continue to implement the relevant requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government to “build an independent and controllable modern industrial system”, adhere to the road of independent innovation, strive to master more core key technologies, and lead the enterprise to achieve better development through innovation. Make new contributions to high-quality economic development!