Yangli Group was selected as one of the top 100 innovative enterprises in Jiangsu Province in 2018!

   good news! The list of the top 100 innovative companies in Jiangsu Province in 2018 was officially released recently. A total of 5 companies in Yangzhou were successfully selected, and Yangli Group Co., Ltd. was on the list!
The selection of Jiangsu Top 100 Innovative Enterprises is released to the society by the Provincial Science and Technology Development Strategy Research Institute. It mainly focuses on the key elements and main links of enterprise innovation, and is carried out from the four aspects of innovation input, innovation output, innovation performance, and innovation management. Comprehensive evaluation of the level of innovation and development. 90% of the companies on the list are high-tech companies or their core subsidiaries are high-tech companies.
The top 100 innovative companies released this time have four distinct characteristics:
Strong independent innovation ability
For the top 100 innovative companies, internal R&D expenditures accounted for an average of 3.2% of sales revenue, R&D personnel accounted for 15.8% of employees, and sales of new products accounted for an average of 42.4% of total revenue. Among them, 90% of the enterprises are high-tech enterprises or their core subsidiaries are high-tech enterprises. All enterprises have R&D institutions; all have independent intellectual property rights, and each household has 332.7 valid patents.
Good economic benefits of the enterprise
In 2017, the top 100 innovative companies achieved a total of 763.4 billion yuan in main business income, realized profits and taxes of 98.1 billion yuan, and an average sales profit and tax rate of 12.8%; 18 enterprises with a scale of over 10 billion yuan and 33 enterprises with a scale of more than 5 billion yuan , There are 75 companies with more than 1 billion yuan.
Industry influence
Of these enterprises, 72 are included in the provincial-level innovative leading enterprise cultivation pool, 33 have won national or provincial science and technology progress awards, and 40 enterprises have participated in or presided over the formulation of national or international standards. Strong influence and driving force.
High level of innovation management
The top 100 innovative companies have generally established a modern corporate system and a relatively complete corporate governance structure, quality assurance system, intellectual property and brand management system. They attach importance to the introduction and training of high-end scientific and technological talents. The proportion of employees with a master’s degree or above accounted for 5.5% of the employees. .