Yangli Group holds the May 1st Marketing Training Course in 2019!


  Yue – The Yue the date, Yang Group 2019 five one marketing manager training class successfully held in the conference room mansion Yang force. Sales branch managers and some branch managers participated in this training.

This marketing manager training class offers a number of high-quality courses, aiming to improve the professional skills and business level of marketing managers through the combination of lectures, multi-case analysis and video, and strengthen the construction of Yangli Group’s marketing team


On the morning of May 4th , Wei Jun from the Marketing Department lectured on “Process Features of Typical Automobile Parts and Its Stamping Automation Solutions”, and Qiao Lihui from the Hydraulic Research Institute lectured on “Typical Applications of Servo Hydraulic Presses and Their Automation Solutions”.

On the afternoon of the 4th , managers of various branches and branch companies and relevant sales internal staff had a group discussion. The content of the discussion deeply analyzed the factors affecting sales from the perspectives of their own business capabilities and professional skills, as well as product delivery, after-sales service, and parts guarantee. Analyze the factors that affect sales from a perspective, and put forward suggestions for improvement, and jointly make suggestions for the company’s development.

5 Yue 5 , by the Speaker of automation at Zhan Junyong “in-depth analysis and case press automation industry application sharing” by the NC Institute of Speaker & T. “depth analysis and case Typical applications of laser products share” talks ongoing, focused The application industry of the product, application case sharing, etc. are discussed.

On the afternoon of the 5th, Chairman Lin Guofu personally gave lectures to the participants, focusing on business skills and marketing skills. Managers of various branches and branches, sales management cadres and relevant internal marketing staff, and staff at or above the director level of the company participated in the training. 

Afterwards, representatives of each discussion group took turns to speak on stage, combining their work practices to share their own group discussions.

Finally, President Lin Yajie made an important speech, putting forward requirements from various aspects such as pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales, and made specific arrangements for related sales management work, requiring all marketing staff to continuously improve their service awareness and consolidate business capabilities. Do it, strive for every single order, be determined to win, and complete the set goals for 2019 with enthusiasm and drive ! Through this training, the enthusiasm and initiative of all marketing managers of Yangli have been greatly improved, and their business level and the ability to find and solve problems have been enhanced.