Yangli Group has been ranked among the top 100 machinery industry in China for nine consecutive years!


On July 4 , the China Machinery Industry Federation and the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers held a press conference in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. At the conference, they released the 2018 China Machinery Industry Top 100 and Auto Industry Top 30 Companies List. Yangli Group has been among the top 100 industries in China for nine consecutive years!

China’s Top 100 Machinery Industry: “China’s Top 100 Machinery Industry, Top 30 Automobile Industry” corporate information release event is held once a year, and it has become a brand event with extensive social influence and strong demonstrative effect. The top 100 machinery industry companies and the top 30 automotive industry companies on the list are outstanding representatives of the industry’s in-depth structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and quality and efficiency improvement, and are the backbone of the industry’s sustained, stable and healthy development.

In recent years, as the main force of my country’s manufacturing industry, the machinery industry has achieved remarkable results in advancing the development of intelligent manufacturing, conforming to the new trend of global manufacturing development and catering to the new needs of high-quality development.

As a pioneering enterprise in China’s forging machine tool industry, Yangli Group has always adhered to the development strategy of “intelligence, specialization, heavy-duty, large-scale, and internationalization”. Strengthen technological innovation capabilities and promote the comprehensive transformation of Yangli from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”.

Being on the list of “China’s Top 100 Machinery Industry” for nine consecutive years is a full affirmation of Yangli. Yangli Group will continue to take ” Project 116 ” as an important starting point, accelerate the pace of enterprise transformation and upgrading, and continue to make greater contributions to the revitalization of China’s machine tool industry with the passion of serving the country with industry!