Yangli Group and Yangzhou Technician College jointly held the signing ceremony of the new enterprise apprenticeship class!


  On September 11 , the school-enterprise cooperation signing and unveiling ceremony jointly held by Yangli Group and Jiangsu Yangzhou Technician College and the opening ceremony of the new enterprise apprenticeship class was held in the multifunctional lecture hall on the fourth floor of Yangli Building. The signing ceremony was presided over by Xia Liangsheng, Director of the Administrative Division of Yangli Group, Zhang Jun, Vice President of Yangli Group, Ni Zhifeng, Director of Vocational Ability Building Division of Yangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Party Committee Member and Vice Dean of Yangzhou Technician College Chen Kanglin, Hanjiang District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Deputy Director Chen Minxia and other leaders attended the meeting

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Zhang introduced the basic situation of Yangli Group and the results of production, education and research. At the same time, he pointed out that this school-enterprise cooperation focused on the “Yangli Group Enterprise New Apprenticeship Class”. The new enterprise apprenticeship is an innovative school. The enterprise joint talent training model, the enterprise adopts the supervision of mentors and management personnel, and the school adopts integrated teaching of engineering to effectively cultivate the high-skilled and high-quality talents needed by the enterprise. Subsequently, Mr. Zhang and Dean Chen Kanglin jointly signed a cooperation agreement and unveiled two plaques for the “Off-campus Training and Employment Base of Jiangsu Yangzhou Technician College” and “Technical Talent Training Base of Jiangsu Yangzhou Technician College”.

     This time, Yangli Group and Yangzhou Technician College carried out in-depth school-enterprise cooperation, further intensified the training of high-tech and high-skilled personnel, broadened the field of school-enterprise cooperation, and deepened the exchanges between the two parties in personnel training, internship training, etc. The introduction of high-quality talents by enterprises provides a platform to truly achieve a good situation for a win-win situation between schools and enterprises.