The stable production of Yangli Group's fully automatic flat mask machine is well received by customers!


 Yue 26 days, Yang Group officially launched the official micro-commissioned automatic face mask machine. In mid-March, masks machine to complete assembly, debugging, sent to the customer after another, put into use. At present, the equipment is running smoothly and the mask has a flat and beautiful appearance; no matter the assembly details, production efficiency and stability performance, they have won unanimous praise from customers.

Yangli Group has lived up to its trust and mission, realized from the digestion of drawings to the delivery of the whole line in a relatively short time, and used the unique “speed” and “quality” of Yangli people to deliver satisfactory answers to customers.

    At present, the overseas epidemic situation is more serious. In order to meet the production needs of customers, the company further accelerates the production progress, delivers products to customers as soon as possible, and contributes to the global fight against the epidemic. Enterprises in need are welcome to contact and negotiate.