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Intelligent manufacturing dynamics
The internationalization of a large manufacturing country relies on a series of thoughts and cultures that accompany a lifetime, rather than products. The United States, Germany, and Japan, as representatives of high-tech manufacturing, all have their own cultural systems, creating their own national myths.
Technological innovation has always been an important force that promotes profound changes in the production and lifestyle of human society, and a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is surging. At this China International Expo, more than 2,300 Chinese and foreign exhibitors participated in the exhibition, and domestic and foreign companies competed on the same stage to jointly outline the blueprint for future intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing has become a highlight of this year’s CIIF.
Yangli, adhere to intelligent manufacturing, continuous innovation and development
Since the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, Yangli Group has always taken intelligent manufacturing as the direction of industrial structure adjustment and product transformation and upgrading, and deeply promoted product and technological innovation. In the face of the optimized design of the technical equipment required in the high-difficulty processing fields such as automobiles, locomotives, ships, power and electrical appliances, dozens of single-machine multi-function equipment and dozens of internationally advanced and domestically advanced automated connection equipment have been developed.

Yangli Group’s exhibitors