The closed assembly commissioning class of Yangli Group Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of "National Machinery Industry Advanced Group"!


   On June , the list of “National Advanced Collective Model Workers and Advanced Workers in the Machinery Industry” organized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the China Machinery Industry Federation has been publicized on the official website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. The closed assembly commissioning class of Yangli Group Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of “National Machinery Industry Advanced Group”!

Manufacturing State of the weighing serve as the pillars of business 

    Yangli Group has a total of 18 people in the closed assembly and commissioning class, including 3 members of the Communist Party of China , 4 people have the title of senior technician, 8 people have the title of fitter technician, and 2 people have the title of engineer. The squad leader, Comrade Chen Feng, is a member of the Communist Party of China and a senior technician. In 2018 , the CCTV Big River Rushing Report Team came to Yangli and once focused the lens on the final assembly and debugging class, showing their style in front of audiences across the country.

Since        2015 , the team has successfully completed the assembly and commissioning tasks of 3 sets of fully automated production lines of 2500- ton multi-station closed presses, filling a number of domestic gaps, and has completed nearly 90 new auto parts automatic stamping production lines, etc. Product development projects and customized projects stand at the high end of the development direction of “intelligence, heavy-duty, precision, flexibility, and automation” for metal forming machine tools, making the company one of the best in the forging machine tool industry in China. contribution.

Keep learning to suck nutrition 

    In order to create a learning team, the commissioning class clearly requires each team member to be “excellent in one profession, know both skills, and understand three subjects”. For this purpose, the commissioning class has built a platform for all members to “self-manage, self-educate, self-learn, and self-improve”, and successfully formed an education and training system consisting of training lecture halls, network schools, and family classrooms. The training lectures are one after another. Experts are invited to give lectures, teachers are invited to give lectures, and everyone takes turns to give lectures, creating a strong atmosphere of “mutual education and learning, complementing each other”.

Determined to innovate and dare to be the first

     Over the past three years, the commissioning class has received more than 400 technical innovations at various levels . They are like a golden key to open the closed doors, effectively increasing the assembly efficiency of each component by 1 to 1.5. Times. The team carried out QC activities once a month , which brought challenging competitions to each member. Their innovative project for the grinding test bench for ball head thread sleeves used to be manual grinding, which required two people to operate together. The labor intensity of the workers was high and the grinding efficiency was extremely low. Only 1 pair of thread sleeves could be ground per day , which was improved by QC activities. After that, only one person can grind 5 sets of threaded sleeves per day , and the grinding efficiency is increased by more than 5 times, ensuring the quality and progress.

Standardized management, efficient and capable 

    The commissioning class has successively introduced ten major management systems such as the attendance system, safety rewards and punishment system, 6S assessment system, rationalization suggestions, monthly work summary, employee talk, and daily morning meetings. All members have basically achieved “one word and deeds have rules to follow. Every action is well-founded, every post has a responsibility to test, and every assembly has a case to check.”

    Complementing this is that the commissioning class pays great attention to the specifications of the process, through a series of process documents such as “Ball head and thread sleeve grinding process specifications”, “Oil and gas pipeline assembly process specifications” and other process documents to save costs and increase efficiency and ensure quality.

    The sun is shining on the journey, and the wind and clouds are in my arms. The award of the “National Machinery Industry Advanced Group” this time is not only an affirmation of the technical excellence of the closed final assembly commissioning team, but also reflects the advanced nature of Yangli’s standardized management and talent construction.

In recent years, Yangli Group has been adhering to the corporate tenet of “creating a world brand, building a century of strength”, carrying forward the spirit of “quiet and pragmatic, striving for innovation, and pursuing excellence”, actively exploring and innovating, and winning the “National May 1st Labor Award” “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise” and “High-tech Enterprise” have been ranked among the “Top 100 Chinese Machinery Industry” for many consecutive years, and won many honors such as “Jiangsu Innovation Demonstration Enterprise” and “Jiangsu Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Unit”. The development of industry has contributed its due strength!