The 10th "116" Innovation Achievement Release and Customer Association will be grandly opened soon!


The whole year was ready to go, and finally waited until this moment. 2019·Yangli Group’s 10th “Project 116” Innovation Achievement Release and Customer Friendship Meeting will be grandly opened soon! Tomorrow, customer representatives from all over the world will gather in Yangcheng to share this industry feast that has lasted for many years!

   The staff of various departments of Yangli Group have already been intensively performing the final preparations for the “116 Project” at the exhibition site. In order to show the guests the most perfect “Yangli Intelligent Manufacturing”, in the past few days, Yangli people have devoted themselves to arranging venues, inspecting equipment, and debugging machines…

Yangli people work tirelessly and strive for perfection, only for the same goal-to create a high-quality industry event for the guests! At present, various types of high-quality stand-alone machines, core functional components, and automation solution connections have been arranged, and they will be displayed in an all-round and multi-angle manner. What everyone sees is inseparable from the conscientious promotion. Power people!

Thanks to countless people from Yangli for their hard work and hard work to present the most exciting event for the guests! Thanks also to all the friends who support Yangli, your trust and attention are our greatest recognition! 2019·The 10th “Project 116” of Yangli Group, meet you in Yangcheng, see or leave!