New products show hard power, Yangli Group will appear at the 2021 Beijing CIMT Machine Tool Show!


 The most beautiful Rhapsody, 4 Yue 12 days, in order to “win-win integration of manufacturing in the future” as the theme of the 17th China International Machine Tool Exhibition grand opening in Beijing, Yang Group to bring a variety of competitive products: PB1032 CNC bending machine , GL4020F CNC fiber laser cutting machine, MC1-110 open-type single-point high-performance press, etc., as well as the new product FB1500 CNC multilateral folding center appeared in this exhibition.

  Every time you participate in the exhibition, Yangli will bring high-efficiency, high-precision, and high-reliability “three highs” products. This time, Yangli’s booth is still very popular. Keep up, let’s go to the site to see ~

machine tool show

                                         Explosive lineup stunning debut

  The popular new product FB1500 CNC multilateral hemming center adopts unique two-way hemming mechanism technology, self-developed operating system based on BECKHOFF open platform and many other advanced technologies, which fully uphold the high efficiency, high flexibility and precision of modern mainstream machining centers. stability.

  The GL4020F CNC fiber laser cutting machine, which combines 10,000-watt smart cutting and secondary annealing process , adopts fiber laser, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, fast cutting speed, maintenance-free, low cost, strong function, and high stability.

      The MC1 series of open-type single-point high-performance presses integrate many processes such as high-rigid body design, robot automatic welding, brand-new modular design platform, low-inertia optimization design of the traditional system of the press, etc., bringing them to the exhibition visitors Innovative and intelligent manufacturing new experience in the industry 4.0 era.

The body of the       PB1032 CNC bending machine is welded by steel plates, and the whole machine is tempered to ensure the rigidity and machining accuracy of the whole machine. High-precision mechanical deflection compensation, dual-cylinder servo synchronous control, fast speed, high precision and high reliability.

The cylinder body and piston rod material of       GM-315K portal universal servo hydraulic press adopts patented technology, low temperature rise and low noise, energy saving and high efficiency servo control, energy saving 20% , machine tool efficiency increase 50% , to meet the various needs of users for precision, high efficiency, energy saving, etc. .

  The MG2-400 gantry double-point press equipped with eight-sided high-precision guide rails has strong anti-eccentric load capability. It adopts ROSS safety double valve, imported hydraulic overload protector, and electric adjustment of the height of the slide block. The display accuracy can reach 0.1mm .

Yang Li Zhi builds hard core strength

  After 55 years of prosperity and transformation, Yangli focuses on the development direction of “intelligence, specialization, heavy-duty, scale, and internationalization”, and demonstrates the strength of the Yangli brand with the advantages of high-performance, high-efficiency, and high-quality products. The craftsman spirit creates excellent products, and promotes the high-quality development of China’s manufacturing through intelligent manufacturing and innovative transformation.