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The mechanical press equipped with an eccentric drive, allowing it to have short contact times and provide sufficient non-contact time during mold cooling, which is very suitable for warm forging applications. Featuring single-point or two-point sliders, this series of presses provides a wide range of pressure capacities, with a stroke length of 1000 mm or longer. Furthermore, the mechanical eccentric press mold space is large, making it suitable for heavy dies as well.

It is important for the control system to be flexible in order to achieve full automation of the production line. It is possible to operate mechanical eccentric pressure with a variety of peripheral equipment.

Mechanical eccentric presses have the following advantages

1. Longer stroke distance 2. Higher output rate 3. A shorter contact time 4. The long non-contact time during mold cooling 5. Longer die life 6. Larger mold space 7. Smaller tolerance and high-quality parts 8. Optional servo drive