Jiangsu Enterprise Club's "Famous Enterprise Visiting" series of activities around the province walked into Yangli Group!


On May 25th, Jiangsu Enterprise Club’s “Famous Enterprise Visit” series of activities around the province entered Yangli Group. Yu Zhen, former deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce and president of the Jiangsu Institute of International Economics and Trade, and secretary of Jiangsu Enterprise Club Leaders such as Chang Chaihu and more than 40 entrepreneurs from the province attended the round table forum held in Yangli Building that day. Yangli Group Chairman Lin Guofu, Vice President Zhang Jun, Vice President Sun Chaojun and others warmly received and accompanied them throughout the process.

In the multifunctional conference room on the fourth floor of Yangli Building, Chai Hu, secretary general of Jiangsu Enterprise Club, presided over a brief and grand welcome ceremony. At the meeting, Vice President Zhang Jun, on behalf of Yangli Group, extended a warm welcome to the leaders and the delegation of entrepreneurs, briefly introduced the general situation of Yangli Group, and invited all guests to visit the exhibition hall and production site.

Subsequently, the members of the Jiangsu Enterprise Club entered the Yangli exhibition hall and visited the CNC and heavy-duty production workshops. The main leaders of Yangli CNC and Yangli Heavy Machinery accompanied the visit and introduced the company’s products and processes in detail. Through on-site observations, the entrepreneurs have a deeper understanding of Yangli’s development strategy of “intelligence, specialization, heavy-duty, scale, and internationalization” and the brand strategy of “variety, quality, taste” as the core and other characteristic concepts.

After the visit, Chairman Lin Guofu of Yangli Group gave a vivid lesson on the development history of Yangli Group in terms of development history, management philosophy, organizational structure, technological innovation, and corporate culture. The chairman introduced Yangli’s years of development experience in plain language and won high praise from entrepreneurs.
At the round table forum, club members kept raising the “difficulties” of business management, and the chairman of the board combined with Yangli’s development to answer them separately, which made the entrepreneurs still unfulfilled, and they all expressed their worthy trip and the rewards! The two-hour round table forum ended in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Finally, the Jiangsu Enterprise Club expressed its blessings for the future development of Yangli in nine words: “Raise the sails, set the tide, and build a hundred years”! In the future, Yangli will forge ahead with club members, strive to promote the company’s high-quality development, and jointly contribute to the economic construction of Jiangsu, and help China Manufacturing 2025!