Good news丨Yangli Industrial Internet Platform was named "Key Industrial Internet Platform of Jiangsu Province in 2020"!


  Yangli Industrial Internet Platform is jointly built by Yangli Group Co., Ltd. and Alibaba Cloud. It focuses on the forging industry. It integrates industry application docking, IOT platform docking, and industrial ecological docking. It is an industry-level platform that integrates enterprise chains and value chains. , Optimize the configuration and promotion of the supply and demand chain and the space chain, open up all links between the upstream and downstream, so that the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain can achieve a win-win situation of improving quality, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency.

The award of “Key Industrial Internet Platform of the Province in 2020” this time is an affirmation of Yangli and a spur to Yangli. Yangli Group will continue to use technology to empower the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, and move towards my country The control goal of intelligent manufacturing of forging equipment with few people and unmanned operation continues to move forward!