Good news丨Congratulations to Yangli Group for being awarded the 2018 National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise!


In accordance with the “National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise Cultivation Work Plan” and the “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise Cultivation Work Plan”, after the review organized by the State Intellectual Property Office, Yangli Group Co., Ltd. was awarded the 2016 National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise and the 2018 National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise.

1. Efficient intellectual property strategic management capabilities

The company vigorously encourages and trains R&D and design personnel, has a complete intellectual property organization structure, a personalized corporate patent database, and an online intellectual property life cycle management platform, which realizes the efficient management of intellectual property rights and accelerates a new generation of high-efficiency precision smart metals The research and development of sheet metal forming equipment and fully automatic forging production lines, as well as accelerating the layout and extension of market segments

2. Abundant intellectual property creation capabilities

The company closely follows the national “One Belt, One Road” strategy, does a good job in the PCT layout of the target market for mid-to-high-end new products such as intelligent forging equipment and a new generation of intelligent presses, so as to realize domestically-made mid-to-high-end products going global.

3. Skilled intellectual property operation ability

The company tried to establish an intellectual property operation model, through patent cross-licensing, to realize the connection of the technology market, capital market, and product market, and give full play to the value of patents, so that the sales of patented products accounted for 76% of total sales. At the same time, it actively carries out the docking of intellectual property rights and the capital market, as well as industrial collaboration.

4. Professional intellectual property rights protection capabilities

The project team updates the global sheet metal forming equipment technology every year, and grasps the latest developments in global research and development through the update of patent information. Regularly carry out intellectual property risk evaluation, analyze the industry situation, and avoid risks as soon as possible.

Up to now, the company has authorized a total of 391 patents, including 32 inventions, 346 utility models, and 13 designs; 1 Chinese well-known trademark; 8 soft-authors, presided over or participated in the formulation and revision of 5 national standards. There are 5 standards. Established Yangli’s competitive advantage in the intellectual property market, which influenced and led a large number of enterprises to use intellectual property to effectively enhance their competitive advantage in the market.

In the future, Yangli Group will continue to increase the enthusiasm of technical personnel for innovation, strengthen the level of intellectual property management in the research and development process, accelerate the promotion and application of patented technology, and build a high-value patent cultivation demonstration for sheet metal forming equipment that is coordinated, well-organized, and efficient Center, break through a number of key technologies in the fields of precision, efficiency, and intelligence for sheet metal forming equipment, and form a number of strategic, forward-looking, high-value patents that can lead the development of sheet metal forming equipment manufacturing industry, and promote sheet metal forming equipment Industrial transformation and upgrading.