Former Minister of Machinery Industry He Guangyuan visited Yangli Group for the third time!


 On April 22, Mr. He Guangyuan, former Minister of Machinery Industry, and his entourage came to Yangli Group for a guided visit, and splashed ink to write an inscription for Yangli. Then he visited the Yangli exhibition hall and production workshop. The chairman of the group Mr. Lin Guofu and the president Mr. Lin Yajie accompanied and warmly received the whole process.

Introduction of He Guangyuan:
He Guangyuan, born in 1930, a newcomer in Hebei An, started working in 1945 and joined the Communist Party of China in the same year. Researcher-level senior engineer, former Minister of China’s Ministry of Machinery Industry, member of the 14th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and member of the 8th and 9th CPPCC National Committee. On January 11, 2013, He Guangyuan, the former Minister of the Ministry of Machinery Industry of China, received the Lifetime Achievement Auto Figure Award at the first China Automobile Annual Ceremony of Phoenix Automobile 2012.
Minister He and his party first came to the VIP reception room and had an enthusiastic discussion with Chairman Lin Guofu and President Lin Yajie of Yangli Group. Vice President Zhang Jun, Chief Engineer Zhong Taisheng, and Director Jiang Tao of the General Manager Office attended the reception. Talking about the two surveys of Yangli in 1993 and before 2005, Minister He Lao expressed his deep impression, and he always pays attention to the continuous development of Yangli. Chairman Lin introduced to him in detail the development status, technological innovation, production technology, corporate culture and so on of Yangli in recent years. Minister He Lao first affirmed the achievements of Yangli in the field of forming machine tools over the years, combined with the current macro situation, put forward higher requirements for the development of Yangli.
At the kind invitation of Chairman Lin, Minister He Lao put up a pen to write an inscription for Yang Li, and wrote “Innovative Transformation, Promoting Power Fast; Be quiet and pragmatic, and pursue excellence”. He said that these sixteen words highly summarize Yangli’s development philosophy in recent years!

Later, Minister He and his entourage visited Yangli’s exhibition hall and production workshop, and carefully inspected the production status of Yangli’s large-scale closed press and laser products. Through on-site visits, introductions and personal experience, Minister He Lao expressed his congratulations on the fruitful and innovative achievements of Yangli Group over the years, and expressed his admiration for the Yangli people’s spirit of “being calm and pragmatic, striving for innovation, and pursuing excellence”

Looking back on history, the old Minister He Guangyuan has a deep relationship with Yangli Group. As early as March 1993, when he was Minister of Machinery Industry, he led a delegation to Yangli for inspection and wrote the inscription “Create a first-class enterprise and produce first-class products” for Yangli

Minister He has always focused on the development of Yangli. In 2005, 12 years later, he visited Yangli again and placed deep hopes on Yangli. He wrote “Creating a world brand, building a hundred years of Yangli”!
This visit is Minister He Lao’s third visit to Yangli Group since 1993 and 2005. He is nearly 90 years old and still writes a pen, brushes a few splashes of ink, and writes a deep message for Yangli!
It has been 26 years since Minister He Lao visited Yangli for the first time. Over the years, he has always been concerned about the development of Yangli. During the 1998 Beijing Exhibition, Minister He Lao made a special trip to the Yangli booth to visit and guide Yangli products.

Nowadays, after more than 50 years of development, Yangli has grown into one of the “Top 100 Chinese Industrial Machinery Companies” and the “Leader of Forging Machine Tools in China”. This is inseparable from Minister He Lao’s support and love. On the occasion of Minister He’s third visit to Yangli Group, Yangli once again expressed his heartfelt thanks and sincere respect to Minister He Guangyuan!