Forge ahead! Yangli Group's 2018 National Day marketing work conference and training class for marketing managers and after-sales service personnel were successfully held!


 The autumn breeze is refreshing, and the sweet osmanthus is fragrant. From October 6th to 7th, Yangli Group solemnly held the 2018 National Day Marketing Work Conference and training class for marketing managers and after-sales service personnel! More than 50 marketing managers, more than 100 after-sales service personnel, relevant personnel of the sales department and management personnel of all levels of the company attended the meeting and corresponding trainings in the A/B/C/D four-level marketing branch of Yangli Group.
On October 6, the training content revolved around technical lectures and group discussions. At the same time, after-sales service personnel training was also carried out. In the morning, participants learned a number of professional lectures on “Comparative Analysis of Auto Parts Stamping Automation Solutions”, “The Latest Development of Power Battery and Battery Shell Stamping Solutions”, and “Analysis of Stamping Demands and Automation Solutions in the Home Appliance Industry”.

In the afternoon of the 6th, the managers of each branch and branch and the personnel participating in the audit of the current account had a group discussion. The team members mainly focused on the current market situation and the competition situation in the same industry, and discussed the next work measures around the annual target, as well as the audit situation of accounts receivable, sorted out the problems in the accounts receivable management of each company, and put forward Practical improvement measures and other aspects were actively exchanged and discussed, and everyone worked together to make suggestions for the company’s development, tap potential, focus on goals, and increase revenue and efficiency.

On October 7, the morning training content included “Laser New Product Application and Introduction”, “Servo Hydraulic Press Application and Its Production Line Technical Program Introduction”, “Customized Product Parameter Selection and Customer Guidance, Pre-sales Technology Should Know and Pay Attention Essentials.

On the afternoon of the 7th, Du Yong, the head of the Sales Management Department, presided over the National Day Marketing Work Conference. Yangli Group Chairman Lin Guofu and President Lin Yajie attended the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, Jiang Wei, the deputy director of the Sales Management Department, made a marketing report, reporting in detail the marketing situation of each branch in the first half of the year; then, the branch manager representative made a speech and made an analysis report based on his own sales experience.

Finally, President Lin Yajie and Chairman Lin Guofu respectively made summary comments. They all pointed out that only by continuously improving product quality and ensuring production safety, Yangli Group can always be a pioneer in the industry.

The successful convening of the Yangli Group National Day marketing work conference and training class for marketing managers and after-sales service personnel allowed all marketing personnel to have a clearer view of their future work directions, goals and priorities, and also provided a platform for employees to communicate and learn. Yangli will surely achieve even better results!