After 53 years of hard work, Yangli Manufacturing is advancing towards Yangli "Intelligent Manufacturing"!


This article is reproduced from “China Industry News”:

■ China Industry News reporter Liu Yufa correspondent Jiang Tao
Lin Guofu, a senior economist, was born in Yangzhou, Jiangsu. He has been in charge of the company since 1982 and is currently the chairman of the group. Successively won Jiangsu Province Township Entrepreneur, “Ninth Five-Year Plan” Jiangsu Province Outstanding Township Entrepreneur, Yangzhou City Model Worker, National Township Entrepreneur, Yangzhou City’s First Top Ten Economic News Figures, China Machinery Industry Outstanding Entrepreneur, and Excellent Private Enterprise Care Entrepreneur, advanced individual supporting education work, leading figure in China’s industrial industry, provincial labor model, etc., and top ten in China’s machine tool industry. Under his leadership, the group has been committed to technological innovation, management innovation, system innovation and market innovation for a long time, and has gradually grown from a little-known ordinary press manufacturer to a leading enterprise in China’s forging machine tool industry. According to the China Machine Tool Industry Association Forging Press According to statistics from the Machinery Branch, the group’s main indicators have consistently ranked first in the national forging machine tool industry in the past five years.
Reporter from China Industry News: In the magnificent 70 years, China has created countless miracles that have attracted the attention of the world. Patriotism is the surging driving force behind the Chinese miracle. Strugglers are an inexhaustible source of decoding the Chinese miracle. May I ask Chairman Lin Guofu, what kind of original dream did you invest in China’s equipment manufacturing industry 53 years ago?

Lin Guofu: After 53 years of hard work , Yangli Group is advancing with the times and the world, and has grown from an unknown township enterprise to a leading enterprise in China’s forming machine tool industry. Today, it has three major corporate sections, five major manufacturing bases, an area of ​​1,670 acres, more than 5,000 employees, and a national forging machine tool leading enterprise with total assets of 2.8 billion yuan. It is this kind of not forgetting the original intention. After 53 years of self-manufacturing development, Yangli has now formed an intelligent manufacturing service provider with integrated solutions for stamping, sheet metal and forging. Growing up with the motherland for 53 years, I will never forget the “Sanming” in my heart: smart, civilized, and enlightened. Smartness lies in being good at binding opportunities, civilization lies in abiding by honesty, and enlightenment lies in mutual aid. There will always be “five modernizations” on the way to the original mission: intelligence, specialization, heavy-duty, large-scale, and international. Intelligentization is the strategic direction of Yangli’s transformation and upgrading; specialization is the basic criterion of Yangli’s industrial positioning; heavy-duty is the main goal of Yangli’s product structure adjustment; scale is an important guarantee for Yangli’s sustainable development; internationalization is Yangli The only way to become a strong brand.

Reporter from China Industry News: The prosperity of the country and the rejuvenation of the nation are inseparable from the joint efforts of every individual. In the Chinese story of the new era, every struggling Chinese is the protagonist. After 40 years of reform and opening up, Chairman Lin Guofu, in the new era of intelligent manufacturing, what measures have you taken to create high-quality development of Yangli and your pursuit of establishing a century-old Yangli world brand?

Lin Guofu: It is indeed not easy to do an industry well in 53 years. As the first generation of township enterprises in China, in the new era of intelligent manufacturing, we strive to build Yangli Group into a world-class metal forming equipment manufacturer and system integration service provider with leading technology. .
In terms of establishing a century-old pursuit of strength, Yangli people will stride forward into the future with a trend of “innovative transformation and fast-moving strength”. 
As the chairman of the company, letting the company grow and let the employees live and work in peace and contentment is to make contributions to a harmonious society based on their positions. In the course of 53 years of struggling, Yangli’s concept of “three conducts” and “three honesty” has long become a guide for everyone’s actions. The so-called “three behaviors” means “taking employees as the mainstay, taking employees as the center, and taking employees as friends”. The so-called “three honesty” means “to be honest with employees, with society, and with customers. Yangli Group’s position as a leader in China’s forging machine tool industry. In the process of building a national brand, Yangli clearly proposed more than ten years ago The concept of the “Three Products” strategy has been playing an active role in Yangli’s growth journey. It is: “Promote the brand with variety, support the brand with quality, and enhance the brand with taste. In particular, Yangli Group takes the improvement of the ideological and political quality of enterprise party members and cadres as the core and gathers the combat effectiveness of all members of the enterprise. It is held every summer and winter. It plays an extremely important role in promoting the innovation and development of the enterprise and becoming bigger and stronger effect.

China Industry News reporter: In the 70 years since the founding of New China, generations of Chinese people have continued to struggle for the prosperity of the great motherland. A large number of typical figures and groups who are determined to serve the country and work hard have emerged in the industrial field. They show high patriotism in their struggle and inspire responsibility in their patriotism. May I ask Chairman Lin Guofu this year is the 70th birthday of the great motherland. What do you have to say to the motherland in the magnificent 70 years? As a Chinese private entrepreneur, Yangli Group will have a future layout in the equipment manufacturing industry? What do you say to customers who like you?

Lin Guofu: The prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people are my Chinese dream. The theme of the dream is to make the people happy, let the company grow and let the employees live and work in peace and contentment, and make contributions to a harmonious society based on their positions. As an old party member and secretary of the party committee of Yangli Group, the dream of my private entrepreneur is to work hard for national rejuvenation and fight for the prosperity of the country! It is worth mentioning that Yangli Group fully reflects the need to serve the overall situation in the work of the party and the masses. In terms of party building work this year, party school teachers were invited to give lectures on the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, trained and developed two new party members, and created the Yangli Building Party Building Studio. It promotes the integration of party building work and enterprise production and operation work, and strengthens the role of party organizations in the masses of workers.
Encourage all party members to register to use the “Learning to Power the Country” learning platform. In particular, the “116 Project” is an effective starting point for Yangli’s innovation and transformation. Since Yangli Group held the first “116 Project” in 2009, it has successfully held the 10th, and this year happens to be the 10th. Looking back on the 10-year history of Yangli’s “116 Project”, it is the 10 years that Yangli has deeply promoted the transformation and upgrading. In the past 10 years, the “116 Project” has not only promoted the rapid improvement of the group’s product lineup, research and development rate, and technological level, but also promoted the continuous improvement of the group’s management work such as market expansion, production management, and quality management.
In the next step, Yangli Group will focus on the development direction of “intelligence, specialization, heavy-duty, scale, and internationalization”, insist on improving the quality and efficiency of enterprise operation as the center, innovate development concepts, promote management reform, strengthen cost management, and highlight Manage execution, further improve the brand, strengthen the quality, and promote the high-quality development of the company.
“Innovation and Transformation, Fast
-moving with Power”-Viewing the Road of Enterprise Transformation from the “Friends Circle”
A reporter from China Industry News walked into the Yangli workshop. The workers in the workshop worked non-stop, and the workers in the whole workshop were busy with new orders. “One machine can complete multiple stamping parts on a car. The efficiency is three times that of traditional equipment, and the price is half of similar imported products.” Yangli Group Chairman Lin Guofu said excitedly. The reporter learned that this 2500-ton multi-station press was sought after by the market as soon as it appeared on the market, and many major customers snapped it up. Because Yangli spares no effort in technological innovation, “explosive products” continue to be launched, and many first-tier brands have joined Yangli’s “Circle of Friends” one after another. Under the background of the machine tool industry’s downturn, the results are gratifying and become a standout in the domestic machine tool industry. As Chairman Lin said, Yangli people are hard-working!
Chairman Lin went on to say: “Under the background of the collapse of the machine tool industry, the most fundamental reason for the group to achieve a’counterattack’ lies in innovation and transformation.”
Since the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the 92 stamping production lines successfully put on the market by Yangli Group have become the core equipment of the first-tier suppliers of Volkswagen, GM, Geely, Great Wall, BYD and other well-known automobile brands; the 5400T robot automated stamping production line has been successfully delivered , Is the first large-scale stamping line launched by Yangli in the automotive industry. It is an ideal fully automated steel-aluminum hybrid line for stamping and forming in the automotive industry. It is also one of the few program-controlled robot stamping lines in China.
At the end of last year, Haier Group’s first smart cloud kitchen interconnection factory was built in Qingdao Haier Industrial Park, and Haier’s first range hood smart online equipment produced by the high-end “cloud kitchen” equipment independently developed by Yangli was rolled off the Haier factory. . Faced with the innovative concept of high-end manufacturing in Haier’s interconnected factory, Yangli Group has fully integrated modern information technology and high-end manufacturing, and customized a flexible stamping production line that meets the international interconnected factory and intelligent “cloud kitchen” high-end manufacturing for Haier Group. The products range from the automatic launch of various alloy steel raw materials, to multi-point stamping, automatic transfer, automatic flipping, finished product conveying, waste collection, rapid mold replacement, to online visual inspection of finished products and other automatic unmanned stamping operations. At present, Yangli is accelerating the pace of “Internet + advanced manufacturing”. Through the four-step strategic goal of “equipment on the Internet, service on the palm, data on the cloud, and management online”, it will finally realize the intelligent manufacturing of my country’s forging equipment with fewer people and Control target for unmanned operation.
Focus on high-quality development and cast “Hundred Years of Strength”

Industry is the foundation of a powerful country, and machine tools are the mother of industry. From the moment when Yangli was born 53 years ago, it has shouldered the historical and glorious mission of revitalizing the national machine tool industry. It did not dare to slack in the slightest, forged ahead, and embarked on the road of high-quality development belonging to Yangli people. During the interview, Chairman Lin Guofu told the reporter with heartfelt words that he firmly believes that every step taken will be a scale on the historical coordinates of its development. The simple, hardworking, pioneering and forge ahead Yangli people will definitely be able to make new achievements. The movement of the national machine tool industry in the century played its moving notes.

The reporter walked into the exhibition hall of Yangli Group and saw that a wall of 6 meters long and 3.5 meters high was densely covered with national invention patent certificates and computer software copyright registration certificates obtained by enterprises.

The reporter was watching attentively, “We call it the patent wall, and it is also a medal for every technological transformation and upgrading of Yangli.” Lin Guofu, chairman of Yangli Group, said with a smile.

It is worth mentioning that CCTV “Chao Wen Tian Xia” has also made a hot report on this equipment.

In recent years, in the face of the monopoly of large-tonnage automated heavy-duty stamping equipment by developed countries, and domestic companies relying on imports for a long time, Yangli, an old factory relying on years of technology precipitation, is targeting new market demands.

Chairman Lin Guofu pointed out in the interview: The equipment manufacturing industry is the foundation and backbone of the national economy. The development and revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry is inseparable from the supporting and support of the producer service industry. The productive service industry covers technical services such as R&D and design, supply chain services such as logistics and warehousing, and dynamic services such as information, finance, and commerce. Yangli Group actively develops service-oriented manufacturing and advanced production services, responding to the great goal of making national numbers from a manufacturing power to a smart power.

As early as 2015, the P-MES manufacturing execution system first launched by Yangli Group in my country’s forging machine tool industry was released to users with products for the first time. This marked that “Internet + Yangli stamping equipment” had entered a big data and intelligent platform. Implement market-oriented operations.

As the 70th anniversary celebration of the founding of New China is approaching, the vigorous Yangli people are focusing on the world, increasing the adjustment of products and industrial structure, accelerating the pace of enterprise transformation and upgrading, and devoting themselves to the “Thirteenth In the wave of “five” high-end intelligent manufacturing, we are striding forward to the beautiful vision of “creating a world brand and building a century of strength”!
Lin Yajie: “Innovation leads the wisdom to create the future”
Create a new era of world brand power
As the new era successor of Yangli Group, the post-80s president Lin Yajie attracted special attention from reporters from China Industry News. The reporter learned from the grassroots in the workshop of Yangli Group that President Lin adheres to the strategic positioning of “innovative transformation and fast-moving power” and leads Yangli Group to continue to be a leading enterprise in China’s forging press industry. Compared with the older generation of entrepreneurs, Lin Yajie has more innovative thinking, he gave Yangli Group more youthful vitality, and thus wrote his own chapter of the times. According to the reports of the workshop workers, President Lin often goes deep into the front line of the production workshop and works with scientific researchers and production technicians to develop and produce new scientific and technological products. After the order is delivered, he has won praises from customers.

After Lin Yajie became the general manager, aiming at the international market, he put forward the strategic positioning of “innovative transformation and rapid development” with a foresight, and implemented the development thinking of “specialization, scale, intelligence, heavy-duty, and internationalization”. A series of measures to “promote technological innovation and implement high-end manufacturing”.

In order to promote technological innovation, he further promoted the construction of the research and development system, established post-doctoral workstations and enterprise graduate workstations, and established the Forging Machinery Research Institute, which consists of the CNC Machine Tool Research Institute, the Heavy Machine Tool Research Institute, the Precision Machine Tool Research Institute, and the Hydraulic Equipment Research Institute 5. The five professional R&D institutions of the Press Institute are engaged in technological innovation in their respective fields. On this basis, the “Jiangsu Province Metal Sheet Processing Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center” was established, and a four-in-one R&D system was gradually formed with the engineering center as the carrier, various research institutes as the support, universities and institutes as the support, and cutting-edge technology as the base point. . So as to provide a steady stream of technical support for the research and development of high-tech products of the enterprise. Hard work pays off. Lin Yajie’s efforts have also won recognition and praise from all walks of life. He has been rated as Yangzhou Economic News Figure, Jiangsu Outstanding Young Entrepreneur, Sushang Future Star, Jiangsu Machinery Industry Outstanding Entrepreneur, etc. Honor, and won the “Jiangsu Province Transformation and Upgrading Achievement Award”.
                                                  Introduction of Yangli Group

Yangli Group was founded in 1966 and is located in Yangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in China. It covers an area of ​​1,670 acres and has more than 5,000 employees. It has a registered capital of 150 million yuan and total assets of 2.8 billion yuan; it has been committed to stamping and sheet metal for a long time. The research and development and manufacturing of various medium and high-end metal sheet processing equipment and intelligent production lines such as metal and forging are currently one of the domestic medium and high-end metal forming equipment manufacturers with large scale, complete categories and strong comprehensive strength; products are widely used in automobiles, The production areas of home appliances, aviation, shipbuilding, new energy, hardware, electronics, electrical and so on are sold overseas. The group has three manufacturing bases: Yangli Industrial Park, Yangli Science and Technology Park, and Yangli Industrial Park, under the jurisdiction of Yangli Machine Tool, Yangli Heavy Machinery, Yangli Precision Machinery, Yangli CNC, and Yangli Hydraulics; It has 600,000 square meters of modern standard workshops and various high-precision processing equipment, with an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons of castings, 150,000 tons of steel structural parts, 30,000 sets (sets) of complete machines, and complete sets of medium and high-end metal sheet processing The ability to provide solutions. The group established the Yangli Research Institute, which consists of a national post-doctoral research station, a provincial engineering technology research center, a press research institute, a heavy machine tool research institute, a precision machine tool research institute, a CNC machine tool research institute, and a hydraulic equipment research institute. Many research institutes abroad have established stable cooperative relations. In recent years, Yangli Group has successively obtained 73 national invention patents, and has undertaken more than 40 scientific and technological projects at the national, provincial and municipal levels. It is the secretariat unit of the Press Branch of the National Forging Machinery Standards Committee, presided over and participated in the revision 25 national and industry standards. With years of unremitting hard work and continuous R&D investment, Yangli Group has created one after another miracle in the history of the development of China’s forging machine tools with more than 50 years of glorious history. The group was rated as “the backbone of the national CNC metal sheet processing equipment industry base” “Enterprise” and “National High-tech Enterprise”, successively won “China Forging Machine Tool Industry Pioneer”, “China Machinery Top 500”, “China Machinery Industry Top 100 Enterprise”, “China Machine Tool Industry Carefully Created Brand Top Ten Enterprises”, “National May 1st” “Labor Certificate of Merit”, “Jiangsu Province Landmark Enterprise” and other honorary titles